About MSR Indices

MSR Indices was founded to bring transparency and liquidity to as many investment strategies as possible and to provide a seamless vehicle in which investors can create a custom portfolio with exposure to any combination of these strategies that they may desire. MSR Indices provides a liquid alternative to investing directly with CTA, hedge fund, and traditional long-only managers. Index investors typically prefer to control their own portfolios rather than relinquish control to outside managers. The MSR Platform allows them to do so by providing access to the widest range of risk premias in any one place that we are aware of.

Investors can create virtually limitless numbers of custom portfolios via custom indices by drawing from our extensive library of algorithms (i.e. models). We stand ready to help institutional investors in the full lifecycle of index development: from index design, to index administration and calculation, to index implementation. We specialize in converting investment and trading models into easy to implement indices. We are able to seamlessly combine different investment strategies and different asset classes by building indices built entirely with futures contracts as constituents.

Whether you are an index company looking for specific expertise in designing a new index, an asset management company looking for new innovative product, or an asset owner looking for liquid alternative exposure to a specific risk premia, we are eager to consult with you and show you how we can help you achieve your goals.